YDS began in 1927 when Mr Yakupoglu began trading leather in a town called Isparta in Turkey. Trading in leather and raw components began to increase and a move to an industrial business centre, Ankara in 1971 led to the development of a footwear business YDS. Having supplied the domestic Turkish Military and security forces with quality made boots, YDS continued to progress into a product design and development capability from 1990. Since then YDS has become the biggest boot supplier of the Turkish Armed Forces and General Directorate of Security and have gained a solid reputation for maintaining quality standards.
Today the success of YDS, financially at £51 million turnover per annum, spans beyond the borders of Turkey and leaves footprints all over the world.


-By providing consistently high quality standards, YDS has become the largest manufacturer of Police and Military Footwear in Europe.
-We are one of 4 firms shortlisted among 47 firms all over the world in the biggest military boot purchase tender of the world in terms of turnover. This is the UK MOD and covers a 4 year agreement. The tender shall be concluded through a long evaluation process and is expected to be finalised at the end of 2011.
-YDS is the first and only firm in the sector that has been accepted to ‘Brand/Turquality Support Program’ in order to be a world brand.
-YDS is the leading exporter of police and military footwear by exporting to over 35 countries and primarily to the UK.
-YDS were the first firm to provide injection sole military boots to Turkish soldiers who had up to that point worn solid sealed soles.
-YDS are the first and only firm that has all International EN ISO 20345-47, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards to manufacture work safety shoes.
-YDS is the only firm that has a laboratory having ISO 17025 standard accredited by SATRA & TURKAK in the sector.
-YDS are the first and only firm that is included in Fortune 500 and ISO 500 lists from Turkey in its sector.


-A massive production capacity producing 10,000 pairs of boots and shoes everyday
-An independent SATRA testing laboratory within the factory
-Certified to International Standards;
-ISO 9001 :2008 Quality Management System ISO 14001 :2004 Environmental Management System TS 18001 :2008 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Brand Philosophy -You are pushed to the edge. Faced with the highest, widest, toughest barrier. Even in the extremes of wind, rain, fire and snow you are stronger and braver than ever before. Mind over body you defy the odds to succeed in your mission.
-YDS Boots are vehicles of an adventurous spirit for those with courage and determination to overcome the most extreme physical conditions.
-Choose a partner that won’t let you down and is by your side through it all, when you conquer your fears and succeed. Have confidence, Step Forward with YDS Boots.